EF#8 – Fifteen

Dear, me…

First, I wanna say that I proud of your achievement during this. That is help me to get scholarship until lecture. And your religious background help me to survive in this wild world too. I’m still on the right track because of your patience and persistence. Keep it on.

But, there is something that makes me disappointed. Your stage fright was hampered my progress. I lost a lot of opportunities to get knowledge because of you who are too afraid to ask. I lost a lot of event to discover my potential. Ah, you shouldn’t be ashamed to do something good. You don’t need to worry about what people say about you as long as you didn’t do something bad. It’s reasonable to do mistakes. We learn from our mistakes to improve our self. So, don’t be afraid to appear. Please, be brave. From now.

Then, your ability of English. Why don’t you like English lessons? Maybe your teacher in junior high school was so sucks. But, you shouldn’t be lazy to learn English. You know? I got into trouble because you don’t want to learn English seriously.

But, as a muslim, I know that we shouldn’t regret anything that was happened. There is a wisdom in everything that happens in our lives because this all happened on the will of God.

And now, I realized. Your weakness bring a new life for me.

Because of your weakness in English, I met with BEC. From BEC, I met with a lot of wonderful people. I can improve my English too.

And your stage fright encouraged me to become a better person and to learn from the past. I don’t want to be a person who not useful. I want to be a hero from zero.

And because of that all, I would like to say thank you.

Thank to be you. Thank to be a younger me.

I still proud of you, because you are me.

With luv,

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EF post week 8. Theme: Write a letter to the younger you

24 respons untuk ‘EF#8 – Fifteen

  1. Life brings different experiences. Some we realize when we get older. I guess that’s why they are called experiences. How are you Utie? I am back online hahaha…

    • horaaayy… Mba Mikanku kembali.. ready for do some correction, Mba? hihi..
      I feel great. How about you? do you already have a job now?

      Tapi, aku mau bilang kalau karena kelemahannya itulah, hidupku ke depannya jd berbeda, gitu Mba.
      is it same meaning with “life brings different experiences”?

  2. Great post Utie, indeed, nothing should be regretted. You got so many different experiences that make who you are now. Wish even brighter days ahead of you. Thank you 🙂

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