EF#13 – sports

Sports? Well, I am not dislike sports, but I just have no time enough to do that. *sok sibuk* 😛

When I was a student, I always waiting for gym class. I like to do any kind of sports such as a badminton, a volleyball, a basketball, a baseball, even a football. I’m not expert in that sports, but I’m glad to be out of the classroom, breathe the fresh air, and no need to think. Yeah, I do sports to refresh my body and mind. It’s healing my stress too. 😀

Now, I almost never do sports. There is no time and no friends. But, if I have a friend to do it together, I would like to do My Prophet’s sports. They are:

1. Swimming
As I recall, I have plunge into a swimming pool only three times in a lifetime. The first time is when I was a student of SMA. My friends threw me into a swimming pool. I can’t swim so that I almost drowned at that time. But then my friend helped me and took me out of the pool. After that, I want to be able to swim. Last year, the second time I plunge into a water. My friend teached me how to swim. It’s fun but my body ached at night. The last time I jumped into water is last week in Pondok Indah Swimming Pool. Later, I would like to do this sport routine.

2. Archery
Unfortunately, I have never do this sport even once. I really want to try it but it costs too much for me. 😐

3. Horse Riding
I’ve ever rode once on family gathering from my office. I rode a horse in D’Ranch, Bandung. First, I feel embarrassed because almost no adults who rode horses there. But then, I don’t care. I do not want to lose the opportunity to riding. I want to feel “how is riding” even once. And how it feels? Horrible !!! Haha … I’m afraid of falling, but I still want to do it again. 🙂

EF#12 – Debbie’s Lover

I smiled when I read the theme of this week EF challenge. One thing that occurred to me is about Debbie. Debbie is a nickname that I gave for the bus that drive me to the office.

Actually, I have been discussing about this unique bus in this post. And I don’t want to tell about “how is it” again, but I will tell you about “what kind of relationship between Debbie and I”. LoL.

When I was a student at Senior High School, I always ride Debbie at least once a month. It’s because my board is in Pupan street (South Jakarta). So, if I want to go home, I had to ride this bus. But, at that time, there is so many bad moments with Debbie. That’s why I hate it very much and when I was graduated from SMA, I said it in my heart “I don’t want to ride this bus again”.

And then, after 5 years, I got a job in Radio Dalam, South Jakarta (now, my office have been moved to Lebak Bulus, across to Lebak Bulus Terminal). It’s mean that I have to ride Debbie again. And you know what? I was stolen in Debbie on the first day of work. Huhuhu… OMG.

But, that’s all the past. Now, you won’t believe that I have a special relationship with Debbie. I can’t explain too much in English, but what I want to say is “there’s a lot of amazing stories”. Since I ride this bus in every work day, I became familiar with its habit and characteristic, with the Debbie’s crew, the regular passengers and even a plat number in every bus. Yes, even a plat number. And guess what? I have a phone number of a few drivers and condecturs too. *grins* Sometimes, it’s help me when Debbie start to “PHP-in” me. Yeah, sometimes, I should be waiting Debbie for almost one hour in the morning because there is only 8-10 cars in a day.

After all, although there is so many weakness in Debbie, now I love it. I love it since 4 years ago and still love it. I love its colour, its characteristic, its habit, but please highlight it: I do not love the crews too. Well, I just feel happy to be friends with them, but not love.

Ah yes, I have to warn you something. Some Debbie’s drivers have a skill to tease you, and yeah, I admit that they are indeed handsome. Haha…

I have a new Debbie’s picture. I took it last Friday. This is my favourite one. “53” serial number. And the driver is my favourite one too. He is one of some drivers that I mentioned earlier. Oh, but I’m sorry, I didn’t take the driver’s picture too. It could be a gossip in Debbie’s world if I ask for his pic. 😛


EF post week 12. Theme: Your Means of Transport

EF#11 – OOTD

This is a first time I wrote a post about OOTD. And here they are, things that I wear everyday:


1. Veil I still wear a commonly veils, cotton paris. And because of this veil has the characteristics of thin and transparent, so I usually wear two veils at once to make it look thicker. This veil does not have the brand since I bought it in the market at a price of 15,000 rupiahs.

2. Abaya This abaya is made from cotton Japan and puring inside. I made it by myself. Because the abaya is homemade, it has no brand, but later, I want to mass production and has my own brand. 🙂

3. Cuff Cuff is an additional accessories that commonly used at the end of the hand to cover the wrist perfectly. This time I used two colors cuff without brands. This is one of the items that I sell.

4. Socks I wore socks from MyHayra brands. The characteristics of this socks is very soft and comfortable on the feet. For those who are curious, I also sell it, you know. 😛

5. Shoes I wore shoes which is also without brand. I bought it in front of the Tanah Abang station some time ago. This shoes is made of rubber. I feel comfortable with rubber shoes because of their soft and light. Besides, when I’m walking, the rubber shoes will not make some noise tak tok tak tok like other shoes. Ukh, that noise was annoying for me.

So, that’s all the stuff that I usually use in daily life.

EF post week 11. Theme: Outfit of The Day