EF#3 – going crazy

Ah, this time, I don’t wanna be long talk. The theme of this week challenge is really make me “headache”. How Gadgets Affect Your Life. Oowhh.. It’s so heavy for me, especially, I must write it in english.

What is gadget? I’m searching about it from many sources and found the keys to explain what is gadget. There are tools, electronic, mini, technology, and modern.

Now, I just wanna talk about a gadget that I have, that I always bring, Handphone.

At first, I don’t really like with this touchscreen gadget. It’s difficult to type words correctly. But, I have no other choice. My HP before, the Qwerty one, being error.

Then, how this touchscreen affect my life? I admit, there is so many advantage from this android system. I can follow many positif groups via Whatsapp. I can check my email with unhampered, found a lovely detective conan’s digital comic *grins*, etc.

But, presiceli because many application can be paired, and so many groups can be followed, my HP become slowly, or we usually called “lemot” or “hang”. And it is often happen when I’m really need it in a hurry. Such as, if I wanna call someone, reply a message, or looking for a data. For additional, typo in writing. Aaagghhh… it’s almost make me crazy. *rasanya pengen banting Hp aja*

Luckily, I’m not a game lover, so there is no many games installed in my HP. Actually, I think, it is not my gadget’s fault. Maybe, caused the capacity is not large, it is easy to become slowly if there is so many application and chat. But, although i’ve erased a history chat, deduch an applications, it’s still annoying me with the same “hang”. *sigh*

Then, there is one more affect for my life. Gadget makes my job unfinished. Obvious, it is because I need many hours to read the history chat in Whatsapp.

Ok, it’s not my gadged’s fault too. It’s my fault, can’t handle my time. But, can you imagine, guys? In one hour, two most active groups can receive about more than two hundred message. So, tell me, when I can read all the message? Oh, My fault to join many groups, then. But, it is my chance to get much knowledge without go out, right?

Gadget, I really hate it, but need it.

In the end, I just can say, hopefully, this gadget did’t make my miopi more bad than before.

EF post week 3. Theme: How gadgets affect your life.

5 respons untuk ‘EF#3 – going crazy

  1. Utie after writing this post, you’ll have a better idea of how to organize your interaction with your mobile phone. Commenting as a BEC member, please pay more attention to your spelling and the use of artircle with its corresponding verb such as in:
    I admit, there is (ARE) so many advantage(S) from this android system. Practice makes perfect so keep om writing!

    • yes Mba, i have any ideas. Maybe i should buy one more HP to accomodate some of WA groups, hopefully it will minimize “lemot” affect.

      and to manage my time, i should switch my HP to “silent” mode while i’m work. 🙂

      Thank you Mba, any more corrections besides the use of articles? 😉

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