EF#9 – memorable

I’ve been met up with fellow bloggers twice. First, I met up with this five great person (link will be add later) and the second was with BEC’s friends.

The most memorable meet up for me was when I met Mira for the second time. We both went to the IBF after work. We arounded at GBK together as old friends. She was even willing to dropped me to the Pasar Minggu. For me, it was very memorable because we do not know each other before. And until now, we often communicate each other. For several times, I was even  “curcol” to her. Ah, I think I did very easy to “curcol” with anyone. :))

Besides fellow bloggers, I also met up with some friends in the group whatsapp community. Nice to meet directly with the people who had only chat with us.. And sometimes, it is become into friendships, business relationships, etc.

I can’t tell much more. Besides rare gathering, my health is also not good now.

For the last, I think, meet up with cyberspace friends was very useful and could open our horizons.

EF post week 9 : Share your meet up moment

11 respons untuk ‘EF#9 – memorable

  1. Just like met an old friends. Right Utie?

    Mau tanya Tie:
    We arounded at GBK together as old friends.
    Yang ini maksudnya gimana?

  2. First of all, get well soon. This time isn’t a good time for human’s health–everyone seems to be suffered from influenza–myself included. Rarely I heard people coughing or sneezing these days, I guess we could blame this changing weather on this one :haha. Oh, how I miss my quiet day without coughs and sneezes!

    Eh, I love curcol too… but when meeting new friends, I am quite not sure whether he/she wants to listen to my curcol, so I think I’ll just be quiet when I have to meet new bloggers :hehe.

    • get well soon too for you *I don’t mind if it was too late :P*

      yes, me too.
      I’m a silent girl if that is a first time.
      but, with my close friends (teman dekat), my mouth won’t be stop while speaking :))

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