EF#12 – Debbie’s Lover

I smiled when I read the theme of this week EF challenge. One thing that occurred to me is about Debbie. Debbie is a nickname that I gave for the bus that drive me to the office.

Actually, I have been discussing about this unique bus in this post. And I don’t want to tell about “how is it” again, but I will tell you about “what kind of relationship between Debbie and I”. LoL.

When I was a student at Senior High School, I always ride Debbie at least once a month. It’s because my board is in Pupan street (South Jakarta). So, if I want to go home, I had to ride this bus. But, at that time, there is so many bad moments with Debbie. That’s why I hate it very much and when I was graduated from SMA, I said it in my heart “I don’t want to ride this bus again”.

And then, after 5 years, I got a job in Radio Dalam, South Jakarta (now, my office have been moved to Lebak Bulus, across to Lebak Bulus Terminal). It’s mean that I have to ride Debbie again. And you know what? I was stolen in Debbie on the first day of work. Huhuhu… OMG.

But, that’s all the past. Now, you won’t believe that I have a special relationship with Debbie. I can’t explain too much in English, but what I want to say is “there’s a lot of amazing stories”. Since I ride this bus in every work day, I became familiar with its habit and characteristic, with the Debbie’s crew, the regular passengers and even a plat number in every bus. Yes, even a plat number. And guess what? I have a phone number of a few drivers and condecturs too. *grins* Sometimes, it’s help me when Debbie start to “PHP-in” me. Yeah, sometimes, I should be waiting Debbie for almost one hour in the morning because there is only 8-10 cars in a day.

After all, although there is so many weakness in Debbie, now I love it. I love it since 4 years ago and still love it. I love its colour, its characteristic, its habit, but please highlight it: I do not love the crews too. Well, I just feel happy to be friends with them, but not love.

Ah yes, I have to warn you something. Some Debbie’s drivers have a skill to tease you, and yeah, I admit that they are indeed handsome. Haha…

I have a new Debbie’s picture. I took it last Friday. This is my favourite one. “53” serial number. And the driver is my favourite one too. He is one of some drivers that I mentioned earlier. Oh, but I’m sorry, I didn’t take the driver’s picture too. It could be a gossip in Debbie’s world if I ask for his pic. 😛


EF post week 12. Theme: Your Means of Transport