EF#10 – chicken noodle

Hmm… What’s your favourite food??

I was confused. I like so many foods, but don’t know the favourite one.

But, I always like “mie ayam”. Does chicken noodle is Indonesian food? I don’t know. In Japan, there is a ramen. In Italy, there is a spaghetti. Is this ramen and spaghetti as same as chicken noodle?

Well, there is one of my favorite chicken noodle vendors. its locations is in Lebak Bulus Terminal, exactly next to the terminal entrance. It’s near from my office.

My friends and I really like the chicken noodle there. The cost just Rp. 8,000 but the portion is twice more than usual. It’s special for us because they use a homemade noodles (actually, it just my friend and I opinions :P). They are use a fresh vegetables too, boneless chicken and the most important is a friendly service. They work quickly even though there is so many order.

I’ve tried the chicken noodle in other places in the terminal, but no one had any flavor and service as good as this.

But now, I do not know whether the vendor is available or not, since there was a process of MRT development.

Oooh… How I miss this favorite chicken noodle.

EF post week 10. Theme: What is your favourite Indonesian foods?