EF#13 – sports

Sports? Well, I am not dislike sports, but I just have no time enough to do that. *sok sibuk* 😛

When I was a student, I always waiting for gym class. I like to do any kind of sports such as a badminton, a volleyball, a basketball, a baseball, even a football. I’m not expert in that sports, but I’m glad to be out of the classroom, breathe the fresh air, and no need to think. Yeah, I do sports to refresh my body and mind. It’s healing my stress too. 😀

Now, I almost never do sports. There is no time and no friends. But, if I have a friend to do it together, I would like to do My Prophet’s sports. They are:

1. Swimming
As I recall, I have plunge into a swimming pool only three times in a lifetime. The first time is when I was a student of SMA. My friends threw me into a swimming pool. I can’t swim so that I almost drowned at that time. But then my friend helped me and took me out of the pool. After that, I want to be able to swim. Last year, the second time I plunge into a water. My friend teached me how to swim. It’s fun but my body ached at night. The last time I jumped into water is last week in Pondok Indah Swimming Pool. Later, I would like to do this sport routine.

2. Archery
Unfortunately, I have never do this sport even once. I really want to try it but it costs too much for me. 😐

3. Horse Riding
I’ve ever rode once on family gathering from my office. I rode a horse in D’Ranch, Bandung. First, I feel embarrassed because almost no adults who rode horses there. But then, I don’t care. I do not want to lose the opportunity to riding. I want to feel “how is riding” even once. And how it feels? Horrible !!! Haha … I’m afraid of falling, but I still want to do it again. 🙂